Cathi Nov 2005
Cathi (DreamCat)
Jim (TaleRocker)
Jim (TaleRocker)
Our House
Our House


TaleRocker~DreamCat Designs

Jim Wellington and Cathi Harris are TaleRocker~DreamCat Designs

(Cathi's the better looking one; above, left)
"TaleRocker" was the name of a character in a kids' story that Jim wrote for his nephews in 1991.
The character was a humourous little guy who looked like he was part dragon and part pug, and maybe
a lot of his parts were part 'something else'- he claimed to have the genetic codes for all creatures, "not  
quite dormant" in his dna, only he had three strands of dna so he called it "tna". He had webbed feet and
a strong, stubby tail that he could curl and sit back against and actually rock back and forth on while he
played his guitar and sang some of the sillyest songs six to eight years could imagine. (the kids probably
never realized they were making the songs up when they called out silly titles and Jim would look            
shocked and say, "How did you know that song? You must have heard him play- wow, I didn't know that."

We live in a cute little house in a
terribly civilized town outside of Ottawa
(above, right)
Where our orange (domestic terrorist) cat 'Moe'
(right) pines for his romps along the lay lines
and our spotted and striped Domino
(left) worries about everything.
Latest addition, Jassper
(left, below Domino)
is trying hard to learn
how to play with cats.
(The cats are trying just as hard
to train Jassper not to bother).
(Photo of boy (right) on a farm visit.)

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Cathi (on two legs)
& Jassper (4 legs)
at one of two town beaches
Jassper went nuts and
growled and barked at the
This is the Ottawa River
(a.k.a. "Chats Lake")
at Arnprior.
The green in the distance is
Quebec. the mound over there
is stuff dug out of a mine.



Jassper & Cathi Two

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The Temperature Inversion Photo
below was taken by Cathi.


Another shot of
Dog and Person
With leash and water-
Maybe 2 steps from
the other photo.
Might have been
before the dog was
spooked by those
very scary rocks.







Temp Inversion Gold