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Issue Number 6 (Web Issue #2?) Autumn 2000

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                                          by dj otterson

September 12, y2k
     I think I was a teenager (probably in the 16 to 18 year old range).
There were like, five of us? Two couples and me. I think I had a hunch 
that one of the women wished she could dump her steady guy and go with me
     Um, I think the bunch of us went to a bank where one of us was going to
use his ATM card to steal us enough money to do something? (I have no idea
     I like backed up and almost sat on a pretty good looking young
woman with blond hair, short shorts and very big blue eyes.
     She laughed.
     She followed us out of the bank and up a hill. (It looked like Springtime 
in Ireland- Lots of very green pastures. Stone walls. Stone cottages.)
     She told me she'd been activated by "the Masters" and changed her eye colour.
She changed her weight to almost nothing and asked me to carry her. She 
said she had a mission and needed my help to carry it out.
     She said she knew I was me, but she thought I was supposed to be a woman.
     She said the Masters had awakened her from the deep freeze, and I should have 
been born in 1928.
     "Well maybe I was- maybe I died young and came back quick."
     She sighed and changed her eye colour to very light brown, changed her hair 
style to 'short and curly', changed her face to add more prominent cheek bones. 
She still was gorgeous.
     She darkened her hair to almost red-blond, then almost brown, and lightened it
to off-blond with reddish blond highlights.
     "We've got to do this-" she said. 
     I woke up.



Ask me to net you a dream
and skilfully, with magic
as close as yesterday's drizzle
exploding into remembered floods
I'll tease you to laughter and
steal your nightmares, I'll
     shield your
most precious failures against
mud slung by your relatives
and other adversaries
I'll confuse you
your fear
     until the morning
you can wake up and beam
silver dancing light into every
not quite forgotten
corner of your life
and wonder
     why you held your pain
so tightly
       as if
          it was
     most valued

               Jim Wellington
           (1973 -reworked September 2000)

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