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  Magazine Notes, Novembre, 2001 - Oktembre, 2007
We are happy to say that contributors and contributed stories, poems etc., have made it necessary to create a whole new page just for contributor's bio's. This is it

dj otterson's work in progress: "An UnRemarkable Girl" is here, so far in five parts/chapters of this novel on line now. Has Supernatural and Psychological themes (so consider yourself warned)


Tjum Dao : Is probably the only expatriate from Hawaii we'll ever meet.  Japanese-Chinese on his mother's side, he describes his father as a 'burned out hippy white guy' who studied Eastern Religions and became a born again alcoholic. Tjum (who was born 'Kimo', his father changed his name when Tjum was 4 years old) describes himself a professional dropout and Electronics Technician.  He's been "messing around with computers since Kindergarten".  He's our resident Web Nerd.  (Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon, Libra Ascendant.)

dj otterson :  Born and raised in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Married. Divorced. Raising a ten year old (Rachel). (Rachel's mother ran off to California and joined a cult, got out, remarried and is trying to straighten herself out.) Rachel may be handling this better than he is. He works for a Security agency, would rather be an all night guard somewhere than 'the designated scape goat' who has to do the scheduling and handle the last minute sick calls. (Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Aquarius Ascendant.)

Jim Wellington : Born and raised mostly in Stratford, Connecticut. ('Only town in the universe with no personality whatsoever-') [ Stratford is the home of the Shakespeare Theatre, which nearly died of neglect. ] Jim has lived in Vermont, (He says, "Spending a couple formative summers in Vermont probably saved my life, or at least my sanity... or maybe my lack of faith in the word 'Sanity'(?)" ) , New Hampshire ("Where I learned that there are *LOTS* of intelligent and caring people in this country."), New York State ("Once you get away from NY City New Yorkers are sane, friendly, usually intelligent, and very much worth knowing.") and spent a few months thinking he could live in Alaska ("Alaskans are either Great or Dangerous, and some are both."). He's been writing creatively since he finished his first (non school assignment) story in sixth grade. Currently painting houses and taking a crash course in practical 'HTML'.  (Virgo Sun, Aries Moon, Cancer Ascendant.)

Cathi Harris   Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Grew up in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Currently living just outside Ottawa City Limits. Cathi is an artist, singer, song writer, web developer, full time mom and full time contracting specialist with a Canadian company responsible for testing the safety of loads of products and services. Somehow or other she manages to write stories and poems and edit a couple egroups/listserves. (Aries Sun, Gemini Ascendent, Pisces Moon)

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Alphabetical, by First Name:

Catherine M. Harris :  Cathi Harris was born in Geneva, Switzerland and lives in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. She works with computers, edits, writes and raises two children in her (spare?) time. She and her daughter wrote the 'Troll' story for a third grade project. 

Eleanor (OohSparklyShiny) is a very real person, an Artist, a ponderer of significant thoughts and feeler of significant feelings. She is currently blessing the Alexandria, Virginia area with her presence (and presents?) and illuminating lots of lives on the infp-general "list". If you have no idea what that means, well, it's a safe place for INFP type people to hang out and play in the almost virtual world of modern email technology... where they won't confuse and irritate people of other, less tolerant types. 

Emilie Sue Pellenz :  Is an 18 year old college student on Long Island, New York. She is an Artist, is planning to major in Computers and, as you can tell, is no slouch in the writing department, either.

  Hamish:  We don't have enough information on Hamish yet, don't even know his last name. He is from New Zealand (we believe, but we could be wrong...) Check back soon to see if we have corrected this gap in our knowledge, here.

Joan Pond :  Is another real person. She's got a Doctorate in Psychology, helped create the Literary magazine at her High School, has been writing lots, has a couple books published, and, after churning out short stories for years tapped into an undiscovered deposit of poetry a year or so ago and has had poetry gushing forth ever since. (dj, who's been quite proliffic all along said, "She's putting us to shame," with her output.)

Mary Ellen S. :  [(As of August 23, 1999)] Is a real, soon to be ten year old, young woman who, we have heard lately, is now keeping a journal of her deepest thoughts. This should be highly publishable in the near future. We wonder if we'll have to find her a pseudo nym, too. We'd like to se her have a normal, happy childhood. (If those two are not mutually exclusive these days.)

Melinda Mint. :  Melinda is an Australian-Canadian INFP (Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling Perceiver), Intelligent, sensitive, insightful... She lives in British Columbia and works as a Health Care professional.

Stanley Freeboingen :  (The Original Stanley Freeboingen is a character in one of Jim's [unpublished] whackier Science Fiction / Fantasy novels.) (Our 'Stanley Freeboingen' teaches Psychology at a rather large University and has already had too many run-ins with the administration to let anyone there know he's got anything to do with a bunch of lunatics like us.)  (However- as it appears we may suddenly become 'respectable', 'Stanley' may soon enter the site without the wig, the funny nose & glasses, and without that funny beard (which he never seems to get in place).

Trouble D Phoxx :  'Trouble the Fox' was Jim's nephew's invisible buddy as a child. dj liked the name so much he adopted it as a pseudonym  (Are we supposed to admit that?)

Zanzal : is an Artist, living in the Connecticut Hills. We still plan to scan his original submission and post it as a pair of jpg images (it was two sided). It will look a lot more interesting than it does now-

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