Still At It —> About time I added a new post, ya think?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 —>  +17°C / +63°F – Dark, becoming lighter with light rain @ 6:35 am in Atlantic Canada <—

Julienne At Night

Julienne Exploring Area 001

— Game development and story continuation has been going on without me posting here in quite a while. I’ve got quite a few blogs going in several different directions. Cathi and I have been painting the living room a creamy off-white colour and the bedroom a nice blue while she’s got the week off. The weather has been ‘deadly’ – hot & humid. And ‘Real Life’ issues keep getting in the way. But I do believe I’ve made another breakthrough in Yoga terms and no, I’m not spraying any miracles around, but I am subtly more optimistic lately.

— So let’s post this and see how it looks –


~~~~~ Jim


“All That We Dreamt ~ On Fire” begins on page “ATWD Chapter 000”

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 -( 17˚C / 63˚F Overcast & I think it might still be raining @8:28 am  here in Atlantic Canada )-


Not all of the beautiful, engaging computer games in this world require you to run around and kill everything in sight. Unfortunately, too many of them do. ~~~ jrw ~~~

     Um, like the title of this ‘post’ says, our actual first novel { or more like “The first novel we attempted to create on line here in real time” } begins with the page you can get to by clicking on the tab above that says “ATWD Chapter 000”

— Thanks–,

~~~~~ Jim




Sunday, January 17th, 2016 -( -1˚C / +30˚F — Overcast, but fairly bright outside in Atlantic Canada @2:00 pm )-

Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda. I think this may be a very realistic painting, but I’m not sure.

— Lately I have become amazed at how many creative people have been inspired by Paramahansa Yogananda (photo or painting at the left) I know I have been, & still am.

— So, looking at this picture I’m almost ashamed to complain about the little things that have been going wrong lately, driving me out of my little mind – Hmmmm- maybe those little tribulations were designed to drive me out of my limitations and up into my higher intellectual center? — That would be nice.

— But anyway, dealing with something like a dozen WordPress Blogs ( Mine and several friends’) that are clamoring for updates almost constantly – having the blogs reject passwords that I knew were working yesterday – using my usual repertoire of euphemistic ‘schnarr’ words – and wanting to scream – is, I suppose, a lot more pleasant than dealing with some of my friends’ growing misgivings and sense that some wide-ranging conspiracy of global ‘Elitists’ manipulating mass media and pulling all kinds of strings, including possibly brainwashing and activating hapless victims into becoming mass murderers so the Elitists can manipulate everybody on planet Earth into a state of constant fear – Um, now that is something I would hate to become obsessed with.

— On the brighter, more optimistic side, I have re-discovered my password and as long as I can get that to work, I may be looking forward to uploading more of the fruits of my labours in the creative writing area – { the last couple times I tried to do that, Tablo wouldn’t allow it, claiming that something in my settings [which they said had something to do with Amazon dot-com?] were vulnerable to cyber attacks and then they would not allow me to even try to fix that. Maybe now that will find itself ameliorated.

— But right now, while I’m waiting for the update process to work itself out on my newer MacBook Pro, and I’m working on this post on a Mac Mini – All I want to do is gaze at the picture of Sri Yoganandaji and feel the Peace and Love and Understanding and Compassion and Inspiration and Encouragement and other good feelings I get whenever I see a picture or close my eyes and concentrate on what He looked like or what His presence feels like.

— Yum.

~~~~~ Jim

Updating WirdPress & Weird Schnarr Going On @ The WebSite Provider

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 -( 17˚C / 63˚F & mostly cloudy – and dark – @ 4:34 am in Atlantic Canada )- ((( Happy Birfday Nyssa )))

Young or short character in the hills at night.

– Don’t know whether this is an adolescent Elf or an Ottarian. But she’s on guard against the forces of Schnarr – 😉

Sigh, we are updating WordPress manually once more. I could almost believe there’s somebody behind all this who has designed his very own ‘Frustration Engine’ and sold it to the Dark Forces of Schnarr so they can sit around and laugh until they pee their pants over the amount of frustration they are continually forcing people to go through. These ice holes aren’t quite as evil as the downright demonic dudes at microsoft. But they’re trying harder? grrrrr.

~~~~~ Jim

Second Day’s Work Exploded – But now it’s back, not quite in its original form

Thursday, July 30th, 2015 -( 16˚C / 61˚F Dark & ‘Clear’ @ 1:11 am in Atlantic Canada )-

Rounded man made dam spewing fog on Boxing Day, 2009

‘The Weir’ in Arnprior, where we used to live, filling the air with mist on Boxing Day, December 26th, 2009-

     The second mini installment of this novel is up on the page titled “Chapter 000”. I had to write it twice. WordPress gave me the “Do you really want to do this? Please try again.” and when I clicked “Please try again”, the editor reloaded itself with over 1,000 words I really fussed and laboured over all gone, forever.

     We had a mini black-out yesterday with a lot of heat a short distance from here and thunderstorm alerts all around us, and possible thunderstorms in the forecast all day and evening. But nothing in the thunderstorm realm actually materialized here. And the blackout?- That was before I had uploaded the first post and the first altered page that I’d renamed “Chapter 000”. So that doesn’t explain anything. But anyway, I said a lot of bad words and stomped around, got worried looks from the pets and a groan or two from the love of my life, who wasn’t impressed since I told the dog that if he was going to play, “No I don’t want to go outside and pee, I just want to sit here and have you feed me-” I wasn’t going to feed him. Cathi told me the dog then launched a campaign to drive her nuts until she stopped her nightly unwinding routines and fed him. I told her she should have yelled ‘Just feed the darned dog, will you, so he doesn’t ruin my night?’ and she said she had told me twice already that she wanted me to feed him. – I didn’t tell her that she’d never told me to feed the dog, she’d asked if I wanted to feed him- but didn’t ask with a soulful plea in her eyes and didn’t make it sound like it was half as important to her as I guess it was – But anyway –

     I sighed and plodded back into the office, sat down and started typing into AppleWorks, saved every couple of minutes grumbled a lot and snarled at the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and all that- mourned the loss of the feeling I had while I wrote it the first time- but got it down, and ran it through the spelling checker and saved it, copied and pasted it into the refreshed editing page and updated and checked it out and yup – it really is there. And here I am, listening to Art Bell on his new Midnight In The Desert program, he’s interviewing somebody about Out Of Body Experiences who described feeling walls as he walked through them 🙂

— Yay? –.

~~~~~ Jim


Another Novel or Two Might Grow Here In The Future

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 -( 16˚C / 61˚F — Sunny & warm in Atlantic Canada @ 8:08 am )-  && It’s my cousin Jaimie’s birfday somewhere in the USA and my friend, Kaylie S.’ Birfday, up here in Canada. 🙂

Orange Cat Man looking like a Prosperous Pirate.

Builder Character “Moe” looking very orange and Pirate like is standing there, trying to keep his friends from stumbling off the edge of the cliff behind him. This is ‘in the Parallel World’ that doesn’t quite match the ‘real world’ in the game we’re still developing. New characters can discover the parallel world by completing a quest that might be so simple that hard core slash & hacking gamers would be bored to death. -good- 🙂

     – So I’ve been wandering around since yesterday singing “All That You Dream” to myself, silently most of the time- I don’t want to scare the animals. I’ve also been scheming and plotting the next installment in the novel that I promised the wrong people I’d add something to every day- & Moe has nothing to do with setting any dreams on fire. He might, if the real Moe had opposable thumbs 🙂 Every Orange cat ever born has ‘Trouble’ for a middle name, you know that, right? 🙂

—Sigh–, Time to go bat my head against a wall – and shake my head and see if the story falls out of one of my ears 😉

~~~~~ Jim

First Grade —>

— Friday, September 30th, 1954 —

— There’s a new girl in my class this year. First Grade in Stonybrook School. Our mothers met and talked to each other before school. They asked me to walk the new girl home from school. I was okay with that.

— Our teacher is Miss Nelson and she’s old. But she wasn’t mean to us. Our mothers explained to her that we were supposed to walk to and from school together until further notice. She reminded us before we went home for lunch, and again when we were getting ready to go home at the end of the day.

— It was a hot day today, Walking home for lunch we broke away from the traveled path, on the next court up from my street, found a shady spot and sat down for a couple minutes. Some older kids pointed at us, laughed and sang a song about us being up in a tree, “K-i-s-s-i-n-g”. I thought they were jerks. So did she.

— The funny thing is, I can’t remember whether she had lunch at our house with my mother and sister, and me. I think she went home and came back in time to have me walk her back to school.

— [ Later on in the fall, Donald French, one of the biggest kids in our class – started trying to sit next to her and started trying to get to the biggest chairs in our first grade class room before I could get to them and plunked his chair down next to the girl I was still walking to and from school every day. He also tried to get away with moving the only other chair that that was that big away from where she would sit in the hopes that I wouldn’t find that chair in time and get it back beside her when we were called into a circle for story time or whatever. I was as tall as Donald, but I was ‘skinny’ and he wasn’t. Our teacher caught him trying to move the only other bigger chair to somewhere where I couldn’t sit near that girl, she was not impressed. She yelled at both of us, told us not to act like babies. I didn’t think that was fair. But I didn’t complain. He didn’t try to hide my chair for at least a week after that. — Then one day, after school when we reached my home, her father was there with her mother and a car, and said he had a job in Ohio and they would be moving away. That was the last time I saw her. I don’t remember crying, but I swore to myself I would remember her and find her when I grew up. Now I can’t remember her name. 🙁 – We got teased a lot, but somehow we were able to shrug that off. — I wonder what kind of life she had, or is having? ]

~~~~~ Jim 

Hello world! ((( ? )))

— Today was my birthday and my first day of School. First day of kindergarten. A lot of us cried in Miss Root’s afternoon class. I almost joined them when I heard one kid moan that he wanted his mother. The teacher had learned that it was my birthday. She called me up in front of the class, showed us a paper maché cake, plopped me across her knees and spanked me five times. I was not impressed.

— One classmate, male child of a friend of my father’s – wet his pants and cried.

— The teacher read a list of names of her morning students at another school in town. We all nearly busted our guts laughing at the sound of those names. —> Looking back, I don’t get the joke.

— Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


~~~~~ Jim